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T-Mobile is the fastest 5G carrier in the US, shows latest research

by Ashish

5G network is rapidly expanding in the US and around the world. While the carriers in the country are also offering their best possible services.

According to the latest test from IHS Markit’s RootMetrics benchmark, Verizon faces resistance to 5G performance, while AT&T ranks higher in download rates and T-Mobile America is rated as more usable.

RootMetrics’ analysis has previously ranked Verizon as the US leader 15 consecutive times, but its latest research emphasizes that competitors are approaching 5G.

The test results are based on data collected from road tests in 45 cities in the United States. RootMetrics revealed that it can record the results of T-Mobile in all of these cities, as well as AT&T in 44 cities and Verizon in 43 cities.

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In terms of 5G reliability, both Verizon and AT&T are ahead of T-Mobile, the RootMetrics team said. Another 5G rate test conducted by Ookla using crowdsourced data found that in the first quarter, T-Mobile had the fastest average 5G download rate of 82.35Mb/s, followed by AT&T’s 76.6Mb/s and Verizon’s 67.24Mb /s.

Ookla also measured the time it takes for 5G mobile phones to actually access the next-generation network. The availability of T-Mobile is about 66%, while the availability of AT&T and Verizon is about 33% each.


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