Xiaomi released a Mijia brushless smart home electric drill

by RPRNA Group

On March 31, Xiaomi launched a Mijia brushless smart home electric drill. It started crowdfunding on April 2 with a crowdfunding value of 449 yuan (68.51 USD)and a retail price of 499 yuan (68.51 USD).

The brushless motor has strong power, up to 30N-m torque, has 3 usage modes, supports 30 levels of precise control, has a smart screen display, built-in 2000mAh lithium battery, is equipped with a Туpe-C interface.


And can hit 550 + self-attack on full power the screw utilizes a mechatronics design, with low motor wear, low noise, high power conversion rate, and longer service life.

Mijia’s brushless smart home electric drill will start crowdfunding on April 2nd, and those who require it can pay attention to it by themselves.


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