5 tips and tricks to watch your favorite YouTube videos

by RPRNA Group

YouTube is the most popular video content sharing platform in the world. YouTube is easy to explore and easy to play but there are some tips and tricks that would help you to get the most out of YouTube and watch your favorite videos.

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Video Chapters:

YouTube introduces the Video Chapter that helps you better navigate videos by allowing you to jump forward a specific section of a video, rewatch a portion of a video, and more.

A more Streamlined player page:

The video playback page has been streamlined’ button to make caption more accessible and has moved the autoplay toggle to make it easier to turn on or off while you’re watching. Users will also notice small improvements to the player, like re-arranged buttons that simplify its look and snappier controls that make any action you take even faster.

Use gestures to make YouTube more efficient and work for you:

YouTube making it easy to enter and exit full-screen mode. Simply swipe up to enter full screen and down to exit. And if you’d rather see how much time is counting down vs. the time that’s elapsed in a video, now you can simply tap the timestamp to switch back and forth.

New suggested actions enhance the experience:

The new Suggested actions prompt you to rotate your phone or play video in VR. YouTube plans to introduce more suggested actions in the future.

Bedtime reminders:

Recently the YoutTube introduces bedtime reminders, a new digital wellbeing tool that allows you to set reminders at specific times to stop watching video and go to bed.

Source: YouTube

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