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Android 11 Tips and Tricks: Pin your favorite apps to the Share Sheet

The Android 11 version of Googles’ smartphone OS iteration brought up some subtle yet significant changes over the Android 10 that may entice you to update your phone to this version.

As per the search giant, this version of Android is more productive, featureless, and at the same time minimal also with some cool yet simple icons, enhanced privacy features, and a lot more.

Pin your favorite apps to the Share Sheet

For many, the Share Sheet is a fantastic tool that is used on a regular basis but to be quite honest, it’s a bit of a mess.

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Pull up the Share Sheet before Android 11 and it’s just a list of apps or conversations that may not have even been opened for days.

Those frustrations are now largely removed, as you can pin your favorite apps to the Share Sheet. Simply find something you want to share, scroll to the right in the top section, and tap more.

Then, find the app you want to always have at the ready and long-press it. Tap Pin, and now that app will always appear in the Share Sheet no matter what.

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