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Android 12 (Beta) Tips and Tricks: Here’s how to use new One-Handed Mode

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For the last few years, the iPhone’s Reachability feature has made it easier to use a large-screen phone with one hand.

Now in Android 12, there’s a new one-handed mode feature that does the same thing.

Large screens on phones are now easier to use one-handed!

The one-handed mode is one of the most demanded features by Android users so that they can reach out to the big screens of their smartphones without compromising on features.

With Android 12, this dream is now becoming true and this new productive feature will be preloaded in future Android devices. To know how it works Android 12 (Beta), here is the way.

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Turn it on by going to Settings > System > Gestures One-Handed Mode and slide the switch to the On position. To use it, swipe down on the bar that’s at the bottom of your phone’s screen.

Doing so will pull the interface down to the middle of your display, putting whatever’s at the top of your screen within reach.

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