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Android 12 (Beta) Tips and Tricks: Preview Notification History up to 24 Hours

Android 12

Alongside the new design, Android 12 (Beta) comes with tons of new features that are demanded by Android users and some are enhanced for a better user experience, for quite along.

Today we are discussing one of those features that just currently available in Android 12.

Preview Notification History up to 24 hours

Previously on Android, you need to enable notification history by going into settings, which was not a one-trick work for all solutions.

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It is because many users complained that the trick is not working on their phone properly, as it should be.

This is why with Android 12 Google has included it where it should be, i.e. notification panel.

Where it will also show how many times an app has pushed a notification in the last 24 hours.

While you can see the notification history option just below your popup in its left corner.

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