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Here’s how to choose a different refresh rate in Huawei P40 Pro [EMUI 11]

The Chinese tech giant Huawei had launched the P40 Pro smartphone back in March 2020.

This smartphone was powered by Kirin 990 processor which is still quite a capable processor in  2021.

As per the info, the phone is running on the latest version Of EMUI 11 that is capable of handling every app and game fired on the phone.

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Apart from this, P40 Pro comes with a 90Hz display panel, but in case you feel that maybe 90Hz is draining your battery too much, not to worry because you can easily switch it back down to 60Hz when needed.

Choose a different refresh rate in Huawei P40 Pro

This can be found in Display Settings > Screen refresh rate > Standard. Note that this is not a variable refresh rate, meaning that once you set it, it’s set that way until you change it to something else.

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