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Google Pixel 4 Tips and Tricks: How to activate ‘Always On Display’?

Both the Pixel 4 and the Pixel 4a come with an ‘Always On Display’ option for showing various notifications.

You can see the time and date, an icon depicting the current weather conditions, icons showing unread notifications, and more from the lock screen.

How to activate ‘Always On Display’

Open up Settings on your phone, then tap DisplayAdvanced, and Lock screen display to configure the various available options.

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The Pixel 4a has a simple Always on toggle switch that you can use to enable the AOD.

However, in Pixel 4, you can have the always-on display only appear when you’re near your phone (or have it fully on or fully off), thanks to that extra Motion Sense capability.

Tap the Idle lock screen to make your choice. Remember that the always-on display will use up a little bit of extra battery life

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