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Google Pixel 5 Tips and Tricks: How ‘Now playing’ feature works in Pixel devices?

Since the Pixel 2 launched, Google’s smartphone range has offered a very handy ‘Now playing’ feature that works quietly in the background which you can see in the current Pixel 5 devices.

It is a very cool feature not like the normal now playing option as while listening out for music it works in the background to identify the song details.

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It’s like an always-on Shazam, and if Google can figure out what song is playing, you’ll see the title and artist name appear on the lock screen.

How the ‘Now playing’ feature works in the Pixel device?

To check that Now Playing is enabled and to customize the way that it works, head to Sound from Settings, then choose Now playing.

You can choose whether or not the feature shows notifications and shows results on the lock screen, as well as dig into the history of songs that have been identified by tapping on Now playing History.

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