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Here’s how to keep your Huawei phone’s battery unaffected while charging

by Sheetal

Like any other smartphone, Huawei mobile phones also run on Lithium-ion batteries that support mobile phones and produce the power to run all hardware components such as performance and SoC, and interactions to provide power for a complete software system.


However, the phone battery will be depleted at this time. In such a situation, the phone will alert you when the battery is low. In this case, all you have to do is plug the USB cable into it and start charging, indicating that we did everything right? Yes, this is true, as it helps prevent the phone from automatically shutting down when the power goes out.

However, you still need to be aware of some things or preventive measures, which can help you to keep your phone’s charging capacity long-lasting and fast. Below you can check them:

  • Charging your phone with a standard adapter and USB cable that came with your device. Using other chargers or USB cables may cause repeated restarts, and slow charging, overheating, or other unwanted effects.
  • Your phone will automatically run a safety check when a charger or other device is connected to the USB port. If moisture is detected in the USB port, your phone will automatically activate safety measures and stop charging. Disconnect your phone from the USB port and wait until the USB port is dry.
  • The time required to fully charge the battery depends on the ambient temperature and age of the battery.
  • Batteries have a limited number of charge cycles. When the battery life becomes noticeably shorter, go to an authorized Huawei Customer Service Center to replace the battery.
  • Do not cover your phone or charger during charging.
  • Your phone may heat up when you have been using it for an extended period of time, especially in high temperatures. In this case, stop charging, disable some features, and move your phone to a cool place.
  • Please do not use your phone while it is charging.
  • If your phone does not respond after you press and hold the Power button, the battery may have run out. Charge for 10 minutes and then power it on.


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