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How to access Intercom feature on HomePod

Apple introduced a new Intercom feature for HomePods along with the release of HomePod Mini. This feature lets the whole family connect to each other through HomePod speakers. This feature works with HomePod, HomePod Mini, iPhone, Apple Watch, Airpods, and even with CarPlay.

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Here’s the complete guide on how you can set up and use Intercom on your HomePod:

Set up Intercom:

The Intercom feature can be set up in the Home app by updating it to HomePod software 14.1. After installing the latest software on your HomePod, follow these steps to setup:

  1. Open Home app
  2. Tap On the Home icon in the upper left corner
  3. Then tap on ‘Home Settings’
  4. Scroll down and tap on ‘Intercom’
  5. Now you can adjust the notification settings and also select the people who can access this feature.

Send an Intercom message:

You can send an Intercom message to every HomePod speaker in your home. Or even assign each HomePod to a room to send Intercom message to just those rooms or zones. To do so:

Say something like:

  • “Hey Siri, intercom ‘It’s time to wake up.'”
  • “Hey Siri, ask everyone ‘Has the dog been fed?'”

To send a message to a HomePod in a specific room or zone, say something like:

  • “Hey Siri, announce upstairs ‘The movie is starting.'”
  • “Hey Siri, ask the kitchen ‘What’s for breakfast?'”

Reply to an Intercom message:

You can reply to the Intercom message for the whole family and even to a specific room, your message will be sent to the HomePod speaker from where the original message was sent.

You can reply with something like:

  • Hey Siri, reply ‘I’ll be right there.’
  • Hey Siri, reply ‘I fed the dog this morning.’

If you want your reply sent only to certain HomePod speakers, you can name them in your reply. Try something like:

  • Hey Siri, reply to the living room ‘Which movie are you watching?’
  • Hey Siri, reply downstairs ‘I’ll be there in 5 minutes.’

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