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Here’s how to change Default launcher in OnePlus 9 Pro? [OxygenOS 11]

OnePlus 9 Pro is the flagship smartphone from OnePlus for 2021. It is running on the latest OxygenOS 11. This premium device is the result of the best of both hardware and software.

From Snapdragon 888 processor to 48MP quad-camera setup (co-developed with Hasselblad) it has everything to attract consumers for buying this handset.

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Here, the biggest plus point of this handset is its snappy UI that works seamlessly. However, if you somehow get bored of its UI or want to change its overall theme. We have mentioned steps to change its default launcher that will make your smartphone aesthetically more appealing.

How to change the Default launcher In OnePlus 9 Pro?

To change the default launcher on OnePlus, you can just follow these steps:
Go to Settings – Apps & Notifications – Default Apps – Home App.
From here, you can select any launcher available on your phone. If only the stock launcher is available on your phone, you can choose and download a launcher from the Play store, as per your likeability.

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