How to find your lost phone with Google Assistant

by Mohit

Finding your lost smartphone with Google Assistant can be a real lifeline. The unique sadness of losing your smartphone is something we are all familiar with. Then whether you put it somewhere and forgot it, or it can work from the couch back to the cushion, you can use the Google Assistant in your smart speaker or smart screen to find it.

Unless you are logged into the phone using your Google Account, and you have disabled My Device Search, Google Assistant uses the My Device Find service to ring your phone, even if it is muted.

All you have to do is activate Google Assistant and click “Hey Google, find my phone.” Need to ask. Similar phrases like “where is my phone” and “ring my phone” also work. You can use this method on your smart speaker or on Google Assistant on another phone. As long as your account is signed in, it will work.

How to find your phone with Google Assistant

It’s a good idea to make sure Find My Device is on in the first place. You can check that in Settings.

  1. Swipe down your notification panel and tap the cog for Settings.
  2. Tap Security & Lock Screen.
  3. Tap Find my Device.

As long as the toggle is on (and it’s on by default), you’ll be able to use Google Assistant to locate your lost smartphone. You can also locate your phone by visiting or by downloading the Find My Device app.

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