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How’s your experience with OnePlus 11R battery life?

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OnePlus 11R is the latest addition to the smartphone family that comes with ultimate features and efficient battery life. However, in recent times, a few users reported extreme battery drainage in the flagship handset.

Consequently, the issue mainly appears after installing the new OnePlus 11R update. A user said that OnePlus 11R drains the excessive battery on data. It run down to 6% in less than an hour while the data toggle was enabled.

Although it’s worth mentioning that only a few users are facing the battery drain issue in their OnePlus 11R phones. While most of the users have positive responses toward the top-end model.

Notably, a phone’s (say, OnePlus 11R) battery life is not only related to the battery capacity, but also to factors such as strength, user habits, and apps that use unlimited power in the background.

Thus, here we are providing some precautions that may help you and save your device from extreme power consumption and battery drainage.

OnePlus 11R battery life

  •  Turn off the 5G network

Yes! While this is the best technology to surf your handy gadget all day long, it often uses a lot of battery. So, unless you need extremely high-speed internet, don’t use a 5G network and resume your work with 4G.

  • Auto-Optimize rarely used applications

In case your device holds some apps that aren’t used frequently but at times you need them, auto-optimize those apps. This will help your handset run like a beast and save a lot of battery.

  • Operate at 60Hz rather than 120

This is another significant point. It’s a fact that a device with more refresh rating often results in battery decline. Hence, it’s better to switch to 60Hz for some time while doing heavier tasks on your phone. Thereafter, you can come back to the normal rate.

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  • Switch your phone off at night

This is how you can take care of your favorite device. Either turn it off or switch it to airplane more so that the device cools down.

These points could help to save battery and make your phone run longer in terms of performance as well. Let us know how’s your experience with the OnePlus 11R battery life, in the comment section.

OnePlus 11R battery life

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