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iOS 14.5 Tips and Tricks: Add next-gen controller for mobile gaming to iPhone

You can avoid touchscreen controls when playing the best iPhone games or using game streaming apps by syncing a video game controller to your iPhone via Bluetooth.

That’s not new with iOS 14, but iOS 14.5 did add the option to use a PS5 DualSense controller or Xbox Series X Wireless controller.

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Anyone who managed to snag a next-gen console can enjoy their fancy new controller haptics on all sorts of mobile games by just putting the controller in pairing mode.

On the DualSense, press and hold the PS Button and Share button until the controller lights begin to blink.

While on the Xbox Wireless Controller, hold the pairing ‘(((‘ button on its back until it connects.

Then in iPhone, go to Settings > Bluetooth and look under ‘Other Devices’ to find the controller name. Tap it when it appears, and your iPhone will remember it.

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