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iOS 14.5 Tips and Tricks: How to take screenshot in iPhone using ‘Back tap’?

If you’ve got a modern new iPhone or even an older model but with the latest iOS 14.5 software downloaded, there are quite a few new features to take advantage of that’ll help while using your phone a bit more conveniently.

So, whether you have iPhone 12 Pro Max or an iPhone X, there’s plenty to sink your teeth into.

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In this series, we are running you through some of the cool tips and tricks we’ve discovered since using the new software and device.

Tap the back for a screenshot 

Apple’s iOS software has long been the source for many great accessibility features, and one of the more recent ones is the ability to tap the back of your phone to launch specific functions, like taking a screenshot.

To enable it, go to Settings, then find ‘Accessibility’, now select ‘Touch’ and scroll down to ‘Back Tap’. Choose either double or triple tap and then select ‘Screenshot’.

Now when you double or triple tap the back of your iPhone, it’ll grab a screenshot for you.

One other cool one to choose is the notification center, so you can double or triple tap to quickly get to the notification center, Really handy!

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