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iPhone 12 Tips and Tricks: Here’s the way to share location to Android phones

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The compatibility issues between the iPhone 12 series and recent Android phones can often be frustrating.

While if you want to share your location across devices, it’s not a complex task to that so.

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Fortunately, Google Maps allows you to bridge the divide from iPhone to Android.

Steps to share location to Android phones:

1. Download Google Maps from the App Store if you don’t have the app downloaded on your iPhone already.

2. Open Google Maps, and enable location services by selecting “Allow While Using App” if you’re prompted.

3. Tap the blue arrow in the bottom right corner to see your current location in the app.

4. Tap your blue location dot to pull up more options.

5. Select “Share your location.”

6. You can choose a period of time to share your location, or “Until you turn this off.” For the purposes of sharing your location easily with a contact, choose a period of time.

7. Tap the Message icon and type in your Android contact to share your location with them.

8. Hit send as is, or modify the message. Just be sure to leave the Google Maps custom-created link intact.

You can also share your location from an Android phone to an iPhone, as the steps within the Android Google Maps app are the same.

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