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MIUI 12 Tips and Tricks: How to check your Xiaomi phone is original or fake?

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Checking if your Xiaomi smartphone is original or fake is extremely simple because the company has an online tool through which we can check it, just by entering its IMEI or serial number.

To get started, First of all, find the IMEI number of your Xiaomi phone. Then get the IMEI and S/N number at the back of the phone/battery/packaging box.


To know the IMEI of your smartphone you only have to look at its own box. In another way, you can dial the code *#06 in the phone app or you can check through Settings > Over Phone >All Specifications > Status.

Once you have the Serial number or IMEI number of the Xiaomi product. Visit this Xiaomi Product Authentication page and enter the IMEI and S/N number to verify your Xiaomi smartphone.

This way you can check if it is an original mobile. Once the IMEI number is submitted you will get all the detail of your product.

The result will show all the detail of your phone. So with this way you can easily verify that your Xiaomi phone is original or not.

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