New camera app settings on iOS 14 and here’s how to access them

by Ashish

The iOS 14 brings many big and small but noticeable changes including new features for the camera settings of the iPhone. The update allows you to capture images faster with better and improved results. The new features seem small but are more discoverable and helps you to take photos in a quicker and easy way.

With iOS 14, the camera app opens faster than before, which means there is a very short delay between opening and taking a shot on your iPhone. Apple also claims that with this update the camera app is itself 90% faster. This is not a kind of improvement that can not be explained but you can feel the difference while using the app.

After the update, it is now 25% faster to open the app and click a photo on the iPhone. If you’re taking portrait shots than the time to the next one is 15% faster then previously. Other than taking photos the camera app is also quicker at scanning QR codes.

How to take photos in a quicker way in iOS 14:

If you want to access the camera app as quickly as you can to take the shot immediately then you can do so by long-pressing on the camera icon on your home screen. You can also swipe from left to right on your home screen to launch the camera.

By using both the option to launch the camera you’ll find the swiping option to be more convenient than the long press option. when you use the swiping option it lets you capture more shots while the long press option lets go the button after it captures the shot.

Although the long press option brings a menu with more options such as Take Selfies, Record Video, Take Portrait, or Take Portrait Selfie. If you want to choose from these options then the long press is a quicker way than opening the Camera app and swiping to the right section.

Quick access to camera settings:

Despite messing up the controls in display Apple made some changes in the interface, now there is a chevron in the top of the middle of the display. Now just tapping on it does not reveals a row of controls right under the chevron, rather it displays them at the bottom of the display. With this change in the interface, you now have quick access to options such as setting a timer, turning on and off live photos, and much more.

Earlier you have to tap on the screen to display the yellow box to adjust your focus by dragging the brightness up or down. Now to adjust the brightness you just simply have to tap on one control and swipe left or right to increase or decrease the brightness.

This was one of the settings you can apply while taking a shot on your iPhone. There are many more settings that you can look at before you take the shot.

How to use the new camera settings in iOS 14:

The options in the Camera settings have been organized in a new way in iOS 14. Now there are four different blocks of controls. The first block is the biggest with many options such as choosing the format of the videos and slo-mo.

You can also choose the option to take the burst shot just by pressing a volume up button. The other options include record stereo sound, scan QR code settings, and preserve settings. The Preserve settings are more interesting. This setting makes the camera app open the option to you used in the camera.

Use grid in the iOS 14:

The grid option in the camera app helps you to compose your shot by providing you three-by-three grid. To on or off this setting you can find the options in the Composition section in the Camera settings.

The next option in the Composition menu is Mirror Front Camera. By turning on this setting your selfies will appear like looking in the mirror.

These were some of the handy features that you can access in iOS 14. They are easier to find and faster then the previous ones.

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