One UI 2.1 Feature: How to use Quick Share on Samsung Galaxy phones

by RPRNA Group

You can now share more content quickly. With Quick Share, you can see which of your contacts are nearby and share photos, videos, or even large files with multiple people.

You can quickly send content to anyone with a Samsung phone or tablet nearby. Follow the below guide to learn how to use Quick Share on your Galaxy phones.

How to use Samsung Quick Share feature:

Prior to following the below guide ensure that the receiving Galaxy device is running on Android OS Version 8.0 (Oreo) and above, supports Wi-Fi Direct and Wi-Fi setting is enabled.

1 Launch the application that the file is located

Launch Gallery app

2 Select the files you would like to share then tap on share icon

Long press files to select and then tap on Share

3 Select the device you would like to share

Tap on the device you would like to share the files to

If you are unable to locate your device ensure you have enabled your phone or tablet visibility. To enable this setting head into your Settings > Connections > toggle on Phone Visibility. You are able to share files with up to 5 devices at once

4 On the receiving device, ensure the screen is unlocked and you have Accepted the file transfer

Tap on Allow on the recieving device

5 Once the files have been transferred over to the receiving device, head into the Gallery app to view transferred photos

If you head into the Gallery app on your Tab you will be able to view your transferred photos/videos

Customizing Quick Share Settings

1 Tap on Quick Share icon Quick Share

Tap on Quick Share

2 Tap on three dots icon

Tap on Quick Share

3 Select Settings

Select Settings

4 Customize Quick Share settings

Customise Quick Share settings

Note: The receiver device ‘Phone Visibility‘ must be ON.

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