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One UI 4.1: How to use Nightography on Galaxy S22 smartphones

The most intended Galaxy S22 series has divulged with the most amazing and powerful camera capabilities. That includes the Nightography feature to provide you a pro-photography experience that will take your photography to another level, Samsung has indulged many efforts to provide users with a unique experience.

The Galaxy S22 series has a better built camera than the Galaxy S21. And this is something you should be happy about. Features like advanced auto framing that detects up to 10 subjects at once are perfectly adequate to get those memorable group shots.


Also, the expert-level RAW app makes it possible to have pro-level creative control. Supports up to four cameras and gives you access to 16-bit RAW files. In addition to enabling a wide dynamic range through multi-frame synthesis.

Nightography Mode

Nowadays smartphone cameras come with a variety of bells and whistles. But some of how important growth is in night photography. It is very easy to get a great shot when there is enough natural light outside. But the night can be very difficult when it is very dark around you. Even with other light sources around you, such as lamp posts, you can still sometimes not get a good shot.

Nitrography features on modern smartphones have improved the night shots a ton. The Galaxy S22 series in particular has 23% better night photography than last year’s Galaxy S21 series.

Thanks to larger pixels and a sensor with advanced AI high-resolution processing, the Galaxy S22 cameras are able to capture 4x more data than ever before to create a noticeably sharp image.

Samsung Galaxy S22 users can now make Nights Epic with Nitrography. With a powerful combination of software and hardware, you can capture your favorite moments even when shooting in the dark of night.

How to use Nightography on Samsung Galaxy S22?

Take a picture in low-light conditions, without using the flash. When you use a tripod, you can get brighter and steadier results.

  • On the shooting modes list, tap MORE >> NIGHT.
  • If you set the time that appears at the right bottom of the screen to Max, you may get clearer pictures.
  • Tap the ok button (round circular button on middle) and hold your device steady until shooting is complete.

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