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OnePlus 9 Tip: Here’s how to set Canvas AOD [OxygenOS 11]

With the latest OxygenOS 11, OnePlus added some interesting functionalities to the Always-on display. While as of now we have a limited option for what to show on AOD, but with the Canvas AOD you can do even more with your screen turned off. Here’s how to set Canvas AOD on OnePlus 9!

What is Canvas AOD on OnePlus phones?

So, now let’s get something on the Canvas AOD of the OnePlus. It’s a new kind of AOD feature that allows you to set the outline of any image. You simply have to take a shot of yourself or the thing you want to get the outline of. While it is recommended that you should take a shot of your own face as the Canvas works better with the faces.

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The just-launched OnePlus 9 phones come with pre-installed OxygenOS 11 which means you get the Canvas AOD features as well. With its Fluid AMOLED curved display on the 9 Pro model, the turned-off screen gives better contrast and accurate black color. The Canvas AOD is something that you should try on this device.

Does the Canvas AOD affect your phone’s battery?

That’s important to look for before you try on this feature on your device. You might think that this feature will drain most of your phone’s battery and you have to charge it for a longer time. However, that’s not the issue here, the battery is non of the concern with the Canvas AOD.

It will take a negligible amount of battery on the OnePlus 9 Pro as it’s a fully optimized feature. So, you can use it without caring about charging the device frequently.

How to set Canvas AOD on OnePlus 9?

If you are having trouble setting up the Canvas AOD feature on your OnePlus 9 device then here’s how you can do this. With very few and simple steps you’ll be able to do this.

  • Open your device’s Settings
  • Then choose the Customization option from the list
  • The first option with a big canvas image will appear and that’s the one you are looking for
  • After entering the option choose the first one which says canvas
  • Finally, choose the image and then scale it to fit
  • You can take a look at how it will appear on the AOD after you set it with the Preview option
  • Now, save it and tap ‘yes’ on the pop-up window to confirm
  • Here you go, the Canvas AOD is now on, turn off the phone and check it out!

If you are having trouble with the instructions mentioned above, then you can also take a look at the image instructions mentioned below:

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