OxygenOS 12 Tips and Tricks: How to use and customize dark mode feature

OnePlus’s Android 12-based OxygenOS 12 is here with several new features and one of them is the Dark Mode feature.



This feature allows you to customize dark mode. In OxygenOS 12, you can customize the dark mode feature in three levels — Enhanced, Medium, and Gentle. There’s also an option to switch between light and dark mode anytime. This customizable feature is ported from ColorOS 12 to OxygenOS 12.

How to customize the dark mode feature:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap Display & brightness.
  • Select Dark mode settings.
    • You have three settings:
      • Enhanced
      • Medium
      • Gentle

Enhanced Dark mode: This is the default dark mode.
Medium Dark mode: This is the second mode, it has a dark grey color.
Gentle Dark mode: In the last option, you will see a grey color interface.

In addition to customizable dark mode, you have an option to “adjust wallpapers to Dark mode”, which will set your wallpapers according to selected Dark mode settings. The “OxygenOS 12 dark mode feature” option is selected by default. You also get an option to adjust the Adaptive contrast settings according to the ambient lighting conditions.

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