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OxygenOS 13: Enhanced Dark Mode

Dark Mode is a well know feature as it is available in almost every smartphone, and users like to use it as compared to light mode. But, the OxygenOS 13 dark mode is something different than others, it offers more customization options than other brands.


OnePlus offers dark mode with three different color themes and the OxygenOS 13 also brings some optimizations in it’s functionalities compared to the previous version. It also offers you an option to schedule the dark mode.

With OxygenOS 13 you will get a new option called Ultra dark mode in which you will find the improved features of these three options namely, Enhanced, Medium, and Gentle. Which will provide an enhanced and optimized dark mode experience.

Moreover, it also brings an interesting improvement to the ordinary dark mode, now if you put your dark mode to the schedule it will get darker with the hours passing of the day. And you will receive a darker system which will let you perform more effectively.

These days when most of the work is been done on our smartphones which causes low eyesight, here is what the dark mode works, it protects your eyes from the bright light of the screen, which will not cause pain or strain on your eyes and you will be able to use your phone for as long as you want.

Not only just eyes but the dark mode also helps you to protect your phone’s battery as it consumes less battery, so you can run your device for a long without worrying about the battery percent. This dark mode feature well works in dark areas or at the night.

These days users prefer to use dark mode on their devices as compared to light mode as it helps in protecting their eyes. Users will be able to enable the dark mode in two ways first is directly from the notification panel and the second way is to enable it by visiting the Settings section.

How to enable dark mode on OxygenOS 13 smartphones 

  • Open the Settings of your device, and tap on the Display and Brightness option.

  • Here you will see two options Light mode and Dark mode.

  • Switch the light mode to dark mode by clicking on the circle.

  • Here you will see several options like Auto switch, Dark mode settings, Brightness adjuster, Auto brightness and more.

  • Now tap on the Dark mode settings. Select the options according to your preference, from three options namely Enhanced, Medium, and Gentle and it’s done.

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