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Pixel 5 Tips and Tricks: Use Google Photos to adjust the pop and blur of the images

After you’ve finished taking a few pictures and are ready to start editing them, you don’t have to peruse the Google Play Store for some photo editors.

Instead, you can edit them right from your Pixel 5 with the help of the Google Photos app.

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This cuts down on the need to hop around between apps, like moving from your gallery to a different photo editor.

Use Google Photos to adjust the pop and blur

Google has added more than enough tools to get some basic photo editing done, without downloading another app.

Photos can automatically analyze your pictures and provide various suggestions on how you could edit the image to turn it into something amazing.

Plus, a recent Feature Drop brings new suggestions, including Dynamic and interesting features.

This will provide suggestions on how you can enhance the brightness, contrast, and even the sky colors.

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