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Samsung Galaxy S21 notifications tips and tricks [One UI 3.1]

by Vim L

Samsung Galaxy S21 phones have everything to attract a smartphone user. From the latest One UI 3.1 OS to the top-notch hardware, the phone offers everything that makes them the best flagship device for 2021.

However, many users who bought these flagships recently are facing problems while managing notifications in these premium devices.

However, we are here to help you in this matter as we have mentioned every aspect of the notifications that will definitely help out to manage them.

Samsung Galaxy S21 notifications tips and tricks

To turn off notifications for an app

Go to settings > notifications and you’ll see a “recently sent” section. Tap “more” and you’ll get easy toggle options for all the apps on your phone. Here you can either shut them off completely or tap through to control specific notifications.

Show app icon badges

Icon badges are a feature of Android, letting each app show you how many notifications you have. Samsung applies this across the entire device.

Head into settings > notifications > advanced settings > app icon badges. You can toggle the options on or off, or tap to change the style (numbers or no numbers). If you tap on an app instead, you can turn off the dots for a specific app.

View your app notifications with a long press on an app shortcut 

This is quite an advanced extension of the icon badges. You can press and hold on an app icon that’s showing a badge and the notifications will be revealed in a pop-up menu. Head into settings > notifications > app icon badges and you’ll find this option at the bottom of the page under “notifications on app icons”.

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Disable a notification you’ve received 

This is a standard Android feature, but it’s really useful. If you get a notification from any app and you never, ever, want to see it again, slowly swipe the notification to the right and you’ll see a settings cog. Tap on that and you’ll see the option to turn off notifications for that app.

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