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Samsung Galaxy S21 screenshot tips and tricks [One UI 3.1]

by Vim L

The Galaxy S21 smartphones are the flagship offering from Samsung for 2021.

These premium devices offer all that Samsung can deliver in their smartphone including the latest One UI 3.1 OS, Exynos 2100 or Snapdragon 888 processor, and much more.

However, in such premiumness, many users just can’t find things to use these devices as daily drivers.

Therefore today we will be telling you the proper guide to take screenshots in the S21 smartphones.

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Take a screenshot 

Press the volume down and standby buttons at the same time. A screenshot will be captured.

Palm swipe for a screenshot 

If you don’t want to press the buttons to take a screenshot, head into settings > advanced features > motions and gestures and turn on palm swipe to capture.

This saves you from having to press two buttons at once. It should be on by default.

Use smart capture 

Samsung gives you more options for screenshots. Head into settings > advanced features > motions and gestures > smart capture.

This will let you scroll to get more of a page, with instant edit and share options too. It’s great for capturing full web pages. There’s also a tag generator that will scan the image and suggest tags to add to it.

Capture a gif from the screen 

You can create a gif instantly from anything that’s playing on your phone, like a video on Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube. Enable the smart select edge panel.

Then, once your video is on the display, swipe to smart select from the edge and select animation. A preview window will appear which will let you record the video to create a gif.

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