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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Tip: Here’s the way to use Night mode in camera [One UI 3.1]

The proper Night mode on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra can be frustrating to find if you’re new to the phone and you may not even know it’s there at first.

The phone can take great low-light images in its standard camera mode, but when things get really dark, scroll to More on the mode panel next to the shutter button and you’ll see a whole variety of different shooting options.

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One of them is called Night mode and it is represented by an image of a moon, that looks weird to us.

In this mode, the S21 Ultra will take an image over several seconds in order to capture more light.

While it uses image stabilization to keep the shot as sharp as possible to capture great details.

Moreover, you can help it further by keeping as steady a hand as possible, or even better by stabilizing your hands on a nearby wall or other objects to minimize handshake.

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