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Samsung One UI 5.0 Camera optimizations

One UI 5.0 Camera Pro mode

Samsung is famous to provide users great camera capabilities and offers a wide range of features and options in the camera department to let users make their memories more memorable. With One UI 5.0, Samsung has made some changes in its camera department.


With Samsung One UI 5.0, the camera section has got some optimizations, and new features which you will find in the Bixby Vision under more options. It is now more advanced which will help you to make your life easy and effective.

Cameras sensors have become the main aspect for which the user purchases a new smartphone because taking photos and sharing them with friends and family on social media has become a most followed trend, and for this Samsung helps users in the best way.

Samsung One UI 5.0 Camera Watermark

A smartphone’s camera plays an important role in purchasing a new device because users need to capture their beautiful moments in a picture and in a video. Samsung offers various modes for different occasions and lets users make the best memories.

Compare to the previous UI the One UI 5.0 Bixby Vision got some enhancements like now the options shown at the bottom has got customized. They are now available in the text format rather than in the icons and the photo picking option has been shifted below from the top right corner.

The below-mentioned menus have also received two new options which indicate Wine and Accessibility. The One UI 5.0 Bixby Vision discover is more enhanced compared to the previous, it automatically detect the object and shows us a similar result.

Other than these there is no major change has been found in the camera department, but the watermark feature is now back. You can enable it easily by visiting the camera settings, you can check the changes in the Bixby vision with the help of this images.

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