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Samsung One UI 5: How to customize Dark Mode

Samsung offers several functionalities to improve the experience of the users who are using Galaxy devices. These all features and functions combinedly make the Galaxy different from other and one of them is Samsung’s One UI 5 dark mode feature.


Dark mode is a special feature that changes the background colors of your phone’s apps from light to dark. It makes the best use of dim light situations, particularly at night, it displays grayish or light text on a dark background instead of dark text and graphics against a white background

This Samsung One UI 5 dark mode feature also helps in protecting your eyesight from the screen’s bright light. Once you enable it you will get the dark color display and it’s best used at night time, not only protecting your eyesight but it also helps in protecting your phone’s battery.

These days we all are using our smartphones to an immense extent, which can result in damaging our eyes, so most users want this dark mode feature enabled in their smartphones. Because it gives them a quiet peaceful glimpse while running their device for a long.

Moreover, it’s an extension that can be enabled quickly and the toolbar button serves as an ON|OFF switch. However, this dark mode feature is also supported in most of third-party applications. So you can run all the applications in quite a mild view.

Enabling this dark mode feature is very easy you can enable it in two ways directly from quick notifications and second by visiting the Settings section of your device.

How to enable Dark Mode on Samsung One UI 5

  • To enable the Dark mode on your Samsung One UI 5 device, go to the settings of your phone, here select the Display option.

  • Once you tap on the display option, here you will see a two options one is Light and Dark.

  • Now tap on the circle below Dark, it will now show you the screen in dark mode.

  • Once done now tap on the Dark mode settings to customize it.
  • In the dark mode settings option you will see two options Sunset to sunrise and Custom schedule.
  • Choose one from them according to your preference.

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