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Xiaomi MIUI 12.5 Tip: Get iPhone like multitasking in your smartphone

Xiaomi horizontal multitasking

Xiaomi is constantly improving and adding new features to its MIUI by providing new updates. Among those features, we’ve found the new horizontal multitasking. It is similar to the iPhone format which greatly facilitates the fact of moving between open applications.

Apps in smartphones that are asked to run in the background may not necessarily demonstrate multitasking. They can actually be in three states, namely – running, sleeping, and being closed.

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However, MIUI has always integrated multitasking in a vertical sliding flat format. This means that each application is displayed separately in a kind of grid. But now we can see them scrolling as well as horizontally.

Horizontal multitasking in MIUI like iPhone allows us to move between different open applications in a more visual and partly more practical way. With this, we can also access the functions faster.

Below you can check out the steps to activate horizontal multitasking on your Xiaomi smartphone.

How to Enable Horizontal Multitasking?

  • Head over Setting of your smartphone
  • Tap on Home Screen
  • Go to Organize items in Recent
  • Activate Horizontal View, and you’re done

Xiaomi horizontal multitasking

Unfortunately, since this is a functionality of Xiaomi Launcher, Poco devices that integrate Poco Launcher do not have this function.

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