Android 13 based ColorOS 13 stable update now available for OPPO Pad Air

OPPO Pad Air Android 13 update

OPPO has started sending the latest Android 13-based ColorOS 13 official version update for the OPPO Pad Air devices. This new update will offer various new features and optimizations for your big-screen device and enhance the overall user experience.

For your information, the Android 13-based ColorOS 13 stable update is currently pushed for the OPPO Pad Air users in India. However, the other region’s users should have patience, as they will also get access to this feature-packed software very soon.

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Moving o, the users of OPPO Pad Air are grabbing this stable update with version C.15. Additionally, before upgrading your Pad Air to the latest version, make sure the device must be upgraded to the baseline version A.18 and A.19. You can also check the details below.

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Android 13 based ColorOS 13 – Details

  • Phone model: OPPO Pad Air 
  • Country:  India 
  • Base Version of ColorOS 12:  A.18/A.19
  • Target Version: C.15

OPPO Pad Air Android 13 update

How to apply

Therefore, the official version has been released, you can get it in 2 ways with the following steps:

  • Step 1: Apply Settings > About device > Tap the top of the page > Tap the icon on the top right> Trial versions > Fill in your information > Apply Now
  • Step 2: Update About device > Download Now

Note – 

  • Please back up important data on the phone before updating to avoid data loss.
  • After updating to the latest version, the operating system will automatically perform several actions to optimize your device.
  • This may lead to your device heating, lagging, and/or the battery draining more quickly.
  • It’s recommended to turn off the screen and charge your device for a whole night after updating successfully.
  • If you keep using the device, it should resume normal function within a few days.
  • Some third-party applications are not compatible with Android.
  • These apps may not be available for updates or cause technical issues such as lag or crashing the device.
  • Please update these applications to the latest versions in the App Market.


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