OnePlus 11 Android 14 Beta

Android 14 Beta Program begins for OnePlus 11 (OxygenOS 14)

It’s an amazing day as OnePlus 11 Android 14 beta program has finally arrived for consumers. While the flagship device owners are waiting for OxygenOS 13.1, the company has surprised them by initiating the giant developer preview process.

Meanwhile, the news is entirely accurate to what we shared a few days ago. Earlier, a tipster said that the tech giant will release the OnePlus 11 Android 14 developer preview in the next month (May 2023). And we are finally at the spot to test the ultimate Android version.

So let’s begin the exploration of this dynamic Android 14 build for OnePlus 11 devices. As per the shared screenshot, the new upgrade is available with the CPH2449_14.0.0.40 (EX01) and weighs a software package of 5.23GB.

Besides, the inputs reveal that this version is best suited for developers and some advanced users. Eventually, this activity will let app developers and early adopters start creating better software experiences.

Alongside, you will get access to a bunch of new features and functions that are confined only to Pixel devices at the moment. It will also give an idea of what possible tweaks users will see in the grand OxygenOS 14 upgrade.

But here lies the twist! Since it is a beta firmware, chances are that some bugs and unusual defects might make their way to your handset. On the flip side, you may encounter the following known issues in your top-end smartphone:

OnePlus 11 Android 14 Beta: Known Issues

  • WLAN malfunctions in certain scenarios
  • Connection fails when casting to a TV display
  • Red Screen is seen when switching from Guest mode to Owner mode in certain scenarios
  • Manual connection fails after the phone is disconnected from the tablet
  • WeChat calls may not ring with Bluetooth headsets
  • The red screen flashes when creating a new calendar
  • The screen freezes when taking a picture with the front camera on WhatsApp.

Being a beta firmware, you cannot expect stability points in this upgrade. Although, you will surely find fresh additions and useful functionalities. But before proceeding with the installation process, make sure that the battery level is above 30%.

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Further, your phone should have at least 4.0GB of free storage space to download and store the build conveniently. Moreover, do not forget to take a backup of all your important data to avoid any kind of data loss.

OnePlus 11 Android 14 Beta

Android 14 Beta Program begins for OnePlus 11 (OxygenOS 14)

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