Android 12 beta 1 features around 400 updated emojis, some matches with iOS

On May 19, 2021, Google released the first Android 12 beta for its eligible Pixel devices for testing. In collaboration with Google, other companies including XiaomiOPPO, VivoRealmeOnePlus, and more rolled out the Android 12 beta 1 for select devices.


Newer Android versions usually bring new emoji emoticons, and Android 12 is no exception. The emojigraph team received more than 389 new emoji in beta 1 of Google’s new operating system.

Many emoji changes to Android 12 systems are subtle, usually intended for practicality or to add depth. The syringe no longer has blood red liquid (presumably to encourage vaccination). Others are a bit weird, such as a stylish sunset or a playful snowman.

However, “phone” emojis that used to be similar to Android phones before now look more like…iPhone, which may disappoint Android 12 users who want a more universal expression.

It is still a long time before Google to release the official version of Android 12 and these new emojis, and some emojis may be further adjusted during this period.