Android 12 Dynamic Color feature crashes apps/games while changing wallpaper

Galaxy S21 Android 12 Easter Egg

There are several major changes in Android 12, Material You is one of them. Material You’s dynamic color feature uses Matisse, a new theme engine launched on Android 12, to extract color from your wallpaper and generate a rich lighting palette.


The application can then apply these colors to its UI in a number of ways, and thus the application covers the basic elements that you would normally do. However, what has emerged is that the introduction of the content could have an unexpected effect on the game.

In the Google issue tracker, a bug report has been opened stating that when you play Wild Rift or Pokemon Go, changing the background image of the game will cause the game to crash. Although users usually don’t close their games just to change the background image, those who use the default background changer will be affected.

The root of the problem appears to be an unstoppable Android configuration change. Generally speaking, the game will ignore “configuration changes” on Android, these “configuration changes” include black mode, screen rotation, and area changes.

Sadly, there don’t seem to be many ways to solve this. Worse, it doesn’t happen naturally around developers. Google does not provide an opt-out option to developers as they cannot opt-out, and this avoidable behavior may be a result of Android 12 RRO performance.

As a result, this means that gamers cannot change their background image while playing the game, otherwise their favorite game may crash.


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