Android 12 will improve under water shooting experience

by Ashish

Google has released the Android 11 update for the eligible phone back in September 2020 that comes along with a bunch of new features and UI changes. The new features of the Android 11 are yet to be released for many smartphones and the company has already started the preparations for the next generation.

Last month Google has announced the first developer preview of the upcoming Android 12 that shows a series of new and exciting changes coming for Android phones. The next Android update will bring features such as Material next design, New Accent Color, new Notification changes, quick settings, and much more. READ MORE

Now, as per the latest information, the company has released more new features to the Pixel devices. The new changes include web sharing, recording, smart writing, and much more. Specifically, the recording App brings voice-to-text functions through machine learning capabilities and provides new functions for web page editing and sharing.

This update also mentions the underwater shooting function of the Pixel camera. Google recommends using it with a waterproof protective case. Users can turn on night scenes, portraits, and other functions underwater for shooting. Google also recommends a Kraken mobile phone case that is priced at US$325.

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In addition, the smart writing tools of Gmail and Docs have also been expanded to other apps. Through Google’s input method tool Gboard, smart writing tools can also be applied to messaging, Google Chat, WhatsApp, Telegram, Slack, LINE, and other instant messaging applications. And provide suggestions through machine learning to help users quickly enter text content.

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