Android 14 battery health

Android 14 may show your phone’s battery health, but there’s a catch

Android 14 will be the powerhouse for your smartphone as it will come on the ground with exciting features, and one of them may be the most-demanded battery health element. Eventually, the next OS is expected to offer a detailed view of how well your phone’s battery work and remains reliable.

Battery Health tweak initially appeared in the Android 13 QPR beta builds. On the other hand, the well-known Android analyst @MishaalRahmaan again spotted some tick-tacks on this matter. As per the details, Google has imposed new APIs that can pass on key battery details.

For instance, manufacturing date, date of first use, charging policy, state of health, cycle count, as well as charging status. Besides, these APIs are fully accessible with the system apps. However, the third-party applications will require extra effort by enabling the permission toggle via ADB.

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While the results aren’t accurate for the moment, we hope that the company will improve this feature with the future release. Till then, if you run Android 14 on your phone, then you can check the battery health by installing an open-source app called Batt.

Android 14 battery health

Android 14 may show your phone’s battery health, but there’s a catch

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