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Google might limit custom lock screen shortcuts with Android 14

Android 14 OS is expected to fetch some amazing lock screen customizations and shortcuts, just like iOS 16. However, the latest inputs give the idea that Google will bring only limited features to this segment in the upcoming version. Most probably, you will get a bunch of eight pre-specified options for your phone’s lock display.

The story outline begins when the well-known Android analyst @MishaalRahmaan shared a small list of lock screen shortcuts that Android 14 will bring on board. Of course, you would be able to alter your lock screen, but only in a confined direction.

In other words, users won’t be able to add any app shortcut on the lock screen. Instead, there will be definitive options to align on the display. These include – a QR code scanner, Flashlight, Video Camera, Notetaking, Mute, Wallet, Camera, Do Not Disturb, and Device Controls.

How to access these shortcuts?

To use or brings the tiny tweaks into action, you have to long press on the specific shortcut. This step will avoid the accidental tap on any other feature. For instance, long pressing on the notetaking option will open your favorite notes app on your handset.

Eventually, it will further integrate with the new AppClips API function in Android 14. Thus, you would be able to capture a screenshot and automatically insert it into a note through a gesture.

Google was already doing some tick-tacks for the lock screen customization. An assumption was to see an initial look of these features in the Android 13 Feature Drop for Pixel devices, later this year. Though the tech maker ramped up lock screen changes in the recently held I/O 2023 event and confirmed to make it a part of Android 14.

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Since the respective changes will arrive as an element of AOSP, we can consider that other phone makers will also get these functionalities in the time ahead. Perhaps, manufacturers like Samsung and Xiaomi are already leading this race with graceful lock screen customizations in their Android skins.

Android 14 lock screen shortcuts


Google might limit custom lock screen shortcuts with Android 14

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