Android 14 hide cloned apps

Android 14 could let you hide cloned apps from your work profile

Android 14 will come along with several functionalities that can make your day-to-day tasks more convenient, and one of them is to hide cloned apps on your phone. As per the latest inputs, the upcoming version might enable you to cover cloned applications from your work profile.

Google is speeding up Android 14 developments, while eager analysts are bringing reports on what features will take place on board. In the current scenario, the well-known Android observer @MishaalRahmaan said that Android 14 may offer the capability to hide cloned apps from work profiles.

To begin with, Cloned apps or app cloning refers to the process where you can create an identical copy of a particular application that can be used independently. This further allows you to run two different instances of an Android app at the same time.

So far, the feature was already available for Samsung handsets. But it looks as if Google is also implementing the same point for its devices with some more enhancements. Flashing light on this matter, Mishaal said that the feature exists in the Android 14 beta 2.

The tipster spotted that the feature is enabled with a unique flag, ENABLE_APP_CLONING_CHANGES_IN_LAUNCHER. From the name, this will hide any cloned apps from your work profile. Ahead, you can use a secondary login for an account only for your personal profile. The hint of this feature already appeared in DP1 build. Perhaps this time, things are becoming more clear on the surface.

Android 14 hide cloned apps

The overall concept sounds good, but the issue to differentiate between standard and cloned apps still continues. This problem was also present in the previous version. However, the tech giant will soon bring a fix to this part.

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Android 14 may bring this useful capability to the Pixel devices first, and thereafter, going to other Android phones. But since it’s just a code-based tweak, the manufacturer might scrap this feature at the last moment. Let’s see what we will get in the next version regarding this functionality.

Android 14 could let you hide cloned apps from your work profile

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