Android 14 is expected to launch for Google Pixel in Q1 2023

Android 14 comng soon

The recent software version – Android 13 is right on target as it buttering the eligible smartphone as expected with its features and changes. Most importantly, Android 13 addressed all the issues and bugs of its previous build. But here’s some big-bang info for Android users, the upcoming Android 14 version will expect its debut in Q1,2023.

Yes! the Android 14 software version will launch in the first quarter of 2023, and as it’s a Google version so no doubt, Google Pixels smartphone will be the first to grab it.

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Recent information indicates that Android 14 is most likely, which is scheduled to debut on Google Pixel hardware during the customary Android Developer Preview period in Q1 2023. However, no other details or expectations were offered.

Android 14 Pixel Q1 2023

The Android 14 timeline for upcoming OnePlus devices will definitely help relieve the brand’s long-time followers. OxygenOS now closely resembles the third-party skin, as can be seen in our in-depth hands-on below, despite complaints and the seeming cancellation of the one platform with Oppo’s ColorOS in prior years.

Chen did clarify that while sending monthly security fixes to OnePlus devices, a monthly update rhythm will still be maintained. As per the sources of the new update policy of OnePlus, neither the more cheap Nord series nor the current OnePlus devices were specifically mentioned. It’s also important to note that OnePlus has previously increased its device update commitments.

So are you guys excited about the upcoming software version on your Android smartphone? The Android 14 update gradually reaches other OEMs, soon after the launch of Google Pixel in Q1, 2023.