Xiaomi Android 14 testing

Android 14 testing is already underway for Xiaomi devices

Android 14 is a hot topic of discussion these days and looks like Xiaomi is pacing ahead in this matter with early internal testing. Yes! As per the latest inputs, the manufacturer has already begun hammering the upcoming firmware to its flagships and newly launched devices.

Xiaomi never misses a chance to amaze its consumers. Whether we look into the hardware segment or the software folder, the tech maker has given some fascinating and impressive products such as Xiaomi 13 Ultra and MIUI 14 in its users’ hands.

Showing more efficiency, the company silently started internal testing of the Android 14 version for Xiaomi devices. Currently, the tech giant has selected only a few freshly revealed faces from its smartphone lineup. But it won’t take much time to speed up this procedure.

Adding more details, the standard Xiaomi 13, Xiaomi 13 Pro, Xiaomi Pad 6, and Xiaomi Pad 6 Pro have underway the testing phase since April 25. Eventually, these tests are significant to check and ensure that the new firmware is stable and won’t bring any critical bugs to devices.

On the flip side, this process also checks if the MIUI versions are adaptable to Android 14 or not. Thus, we can say that Xiaomi is making every effort to bring the best experience of its phones to its consumers.

Xiaomi Android 14 testing

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Android 14 hearsay to make its way officially in August 2023. Meanwhile, there is no information on when Xiaomi will bring MIUI 15 to the consumer platform. Although the timing mainly relies upon the testing process for the moment.

Till then, the company is rolling out monthly security patches to its handsets. So don’t forget to keep your handy gadget up-to-date as it will bring you one step closer to the major Android 14-based firmware upgrade.

Xiaomi Android 14 testing


Android 14 testing is already underway for Xiaomi devices

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