Android 14 Now Playing feature

Android 14 to add fun feature for ‘Now Playing’ in Pixel phones

Android 14 is constantly showing new tweaks and elements in Pixel phones these days. Ultimately, the Android 14 exploration has raised a new feature among us named as ‘Summary’ tab, and we could soon find it in the ‘Now Playing’ section on Pixel devices.

To begin with, Now Playing is a dedicated section in the Pixel phones that automatically notifies you of what song is playing. It can further provide you with a detailed history of the previous and your favorite songs that you have listened to.

In the latest development, Android 14 has shown a new feature for the Now Playing section that will make the music listening experience more interesting. As per the inputs given by the source – 9to5Google, the feature is known as the “Summary” tab.

From the name, the feature extracts details from your handset and gives a summary of songs that you have listened to in the last 30 days. Besides, it categorizes the data by genre, artist, and frequency at which you have heard the songs.

This feature was found in the latest version of Now Playing in an Android 14 build. Apart from breaking down the info into a particular section, the feature also reports the time when you heard the song and can show more songs from the respective artist.

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Since the feature took place in the beta firmware, we could expect it with the official release as well. Let’s see what more the tech maker is planning to add in the upcoming Android version.

Android 14 Now Playing feature


Android 14 to add fun feature for ‘Now Playing’ in Pixel phones

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