Google may finally bring ‘Recycle Bin’ feature with Android 12

Android 12

At present, Android 11 is the latest stable mobile operating system that comes with major system improvements and several new features, such as chat bubble, notification history, improved 5G connectivity, privacy control, one-time permission to the apps, and much more.


In addition to these features, Google also restricts the ways apps can access file storage in Android 11. For the native file manager, other applications including third-party apps can only access specific storage through specific APIs.

At the same time, consider using the MediaStore API, which can use common media files, including audio, video, and images. Applications using the MediaStore API can keep user-deleted files instead of permanently deleting them.

Using this function, users can restore files stored in the recycle bin within a specific time when needed. However, Google has not yet introduced a global file recycle bin for Android.

Meanwhile, our folks at XDA Developers found a code in the APK tear of Google files for Android 12, which suggests that Google is ready to add a global file recycle bin for Android users.

Users can fully utilize this feature, such as managing the recycle bin and emptying it. However, this feature is currently unavailable, and only a pop-up window can be displayed for display.

As of now, Google has provided two developer preview versions for Android 12, the third may arrive at any time. On the other side, the company may release the final version of Android 12 in September this year.

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