Google to improve gamepad vibration settings with Android 12

by RPRNA Group

Recently, we’ve reported about one of the expected features of Android 12 that allows sharing Wi-Fi passwords with Google’s Nearby Share feature. Now, new information hints that Google is working to improve the vibration effect of the Android handle with Android 12.

As we know, Android devices can only control the handle vibration on or off, which decreases the gaming experience. According to a recent report, Google has submitted code to AOSP to improve the vibration of the gamepad.

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The code change brings support for vibration amplitude control and paves the way for generating custom vibration effects which are very useful for games that are optimized for handle vibration.

It includes several console games such as Google Stadia, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Microsoft Cloud, etc. However, these submissions have not yet merged, so it is early to say that it will be a feature of Android 12.

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