October 2022 Android 13 security update is rolling out for Pixel phone

Android 13october 2022 patch details

Google published the Android 13-based October 2022 security patch details, and it aims to drive your smartphone on a new journey with the hurdles-free path, and a security manager insurance for your Google Pixel phone.

Meanwhile, the October 2022 month for your Pixel devices will go through a happily ever after experience. As it fixes all the encounter bugs and issues that you might bother with, the Android 13 October 2022 security patch aims to fix various vulnerabilities from different sections.

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Google takes precautions to ensure that customers are not inconvenienced. As a result, it has provided a security patch that contains some of the most recent system updates.

There are a total of 15 vulnerabilities listed on the framework and system portion of the official bulletin website. In contrast, the kernel and vendor section contains 33 fixes. The company has ranked these vulnerabilities from critical to low-level in terms of their severity.

Android 13 October 2022 security


  • Critical
    • CVE-2022-20419
  • High
    • CVE-2022-20420
    • CVE-2022-20351
    • CVE-2021-39758
  • Moderate
    • CVE-2021-39758
    • CVE-2022-20415

Media Framework

  • High
    • CVE-2022-20413
    • CVE-2022-20418


  • High
    • CVE-2022-20412
    • CVE-2022-20416
    • CVE-2022-20417
    • CVE-2021-39673
    • CVE-2022-20394
    • CVE-2022-20410
    • CVE-2022-20425


  • High
    • CVE-2022-20421
    • CVE-2022-20422
    • CVE-2022-20423
    • CVE-2022-20424


  • CVE-2022-20409

However, Google has already started dispatching the October 2022 security patch update to the number of Pixel devices including the Pixel 4 series, Pixee 4a series, Pixel 5, Pixel 5a, Pixel 6 series, and the Pixel 6a.

Users can identify the October 2022 update through the TP1A.221005.002, TP1A.221005.003 for the Pixel 6a build version. Additional flaws in the kernel, Pixel software, and both open-source and closed-source Qualcomm components are fixed by the Pixel-specific update.

We recommend you download and install the update as soon as it reaches to you your Google Pixel smartphone, to improve the working and experience flawless operations to your smartphone. Just keep checking for October 2022 update through the Setting option>>About phone>>System update>>now follow the on-screen instructions.


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