[NOVEMBER 14] Oppo Android 11 and ColorOS 11 Update Tracker: These Oppo devices have received the BETA/STABLE update so far

by Raghav R

After the official Android 11 announcement by Google, Oppo has now started the Android 11-based ColorOS 11 beta program for its smartphones.

Android 11 brings a ton of new features, including conversation bubbles, built-in screen recording, one-time permissions, improved 5G support, call screening support, and more.



The latest version of the ColorOS will be called, ColorOS 11, which is based on Android 11. Here’s everything you need to know.

Oppo Android 11 Update Tracker: ColorOS 11 device list – NOVEMBER 14, 2020 (RPRNA)

  1. Oppo Reno4 Pro 4G (BETA)
  2. Oppo Find X2 – Released (China) – Global
  3. Oppo Find X2 Pro – Released (China)
  4. Oppo Reno 3 – Public Beta recruitment – NEW
  5. Oppo Reno 3 Pro – Public Beta recruitment – NEW
  6. Oppo Ace2Public Beta recruitment – NEW
  7. Oppo Ace2 EVA Limited EditionBeta recruitment
  8. Oppo Reno4 Pro Public Beta recruitment – NEW
  9. Oppo Find X2 Pro Automobili Lamborghini Edition (Public Beta recruitment ) – NEW
  10. Oppo F17 Pro – Rolling out – New
  11. Oppo Reno4 5G (Expected in November)
  12. Oppo Reno4 4G (Expected in December)
  13. Oppo F11 (Expected in December)
  14. Oppo F11 Pro (Expected in December)
  15. Oppo A9 (Expected in December)
  16. Oppo A92 (Expected in December)
  17. Oppo A72 (Expected in December)
  18. Oppo A52 (Expected in December)
  19. Oppo Reno 10x Zoom (Expected in Q1, 2021, All ColorOS 11 features will come )
  20. Oppo Reno2 (Expected in Q1, 2021)
  21. Oppo Reno2 F (Expected in Q1, 2021)
  22. Oppo Reno2 Z (Expected in Q1, 2021)
  23. Oppo Reno3 Pro 5G (Expected in Q1, 2021)
  24. Oppo A91 (Expected in Q1, 2021)
  25. Oppo F15 (Expected in Q1, 2021)
  26. Oppo A5 2020 (Expected in Q2, 2021)
  27. Oppo Reno (Expected in Q2, 2021)
  28. Oppo Reno Z (Expected in Q2, 2021)
  29. Oppo A9 2020 (Expected in Q2, 2021)
  30. Oppo Find X2 Lite (Expected in Q1, 2021)
  31. Oppo Find X2 Neo (Expected in Q1, 2021)



  • Customizable Always on Display
  • Customizable Dark Mode
  • Oppo Relax 2.0
  • 3-finger translate with Google Lens
  • FlexDrop
  • Super power-saving mode
  • Private System
  • Improved security and privacy

Check complete features here.



NOVEMBER 14, 2020: Oppo F17 and Find X2 series

Oppo has now started rolling out the stable Android 11-based ColorOS 11 update to some of its smartphones. The official version of ColorOS 11 is now available for the Oppo F17 and Oppo Find X2 series. READ MORE HERE.


NOVEMBER 05, 2020: Oppo A52

Oppo has now started registration for an Android 11-based ColorOS 11 testing program for the Oppo A52 users.


OCTOBER 28, 2020:

Oppo Reno4 Pro 5G users in the UAE and Saudi Arabia can now test the Android 11-based ColorOS 11 beta.


Time: Apply from 28th Oct.

Application Quota: Total 4000: 2000 for the United Arab Emirates and 2000 for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

When receiving the version: within 3 days after application success

How to Apply:

1. Confirm your phone has updated to the version (Detectable Version): CPH2089PU_11.A.192.

Click ‘Settings’>> ‘Software Update’>> Click the settings icon on the screen>> Apply for Beta Version>>Update Beta Version. And then follow the guide to applying.


OCTOBER 27, 2020:

The Android 11-based ColorOS 11 beta comes with a new feature FlexDrop, with that you can launch any app and move it anywhere on the display. Check here the example.


OCTOBER 19, 2020:

[UPDATE: Reno4 Pro 5G on October 28] Oppo promised ColorOS 11 beta today for the Oppo Reno3, Reno3 Pro, Reno4 5G, and F17 Pro


October 15, 2020:

The first batch of Android 11-based ColorOS 11 beta testers for Oppo F17 Pro and Reno3 Pro ColorOS 11 is now full.

October 10, 2020:

According to Oppo Care India Twitter, Oppo Reno4 Pro will get the Android 11-based ColorOS 11 in November.

October 08, 2020:

As per the recent information, some of the new ColorOS 11 features will not be available all the Oppo devices due to hardware limitations.

September 30, 2020: [UPDATE: Rollout started] Oppo promised ColorOS 11 beta today for the Oppo Reno3, Reno3 Pro, Reno4 5G, and F17 Pro

September 18, 2020: Oppo ColorOS 11 Features: Here are the top features and changelog of ColorOS 11 based on Android 11

September 14, 2020: Oppo brings the ColorOS 11 based on Android 11: Here’s when you will get ColorOS 11 beta

September 11, 2020: Latest ColorOS update releasing for Oppo Reno, Reno3/3 pro and A11x

September 11, 2020: [Updated] Android 11 closed beta recruitment begins for Oppo Reno4 Pro

September 08, 2020: [UPDATED] Oppo starts rolling out the Android 11-based ColorOS 11 beta for Find X2/X2 Pro and Reno3/3 Pro

September 08, 2020: Android 11 beta recruitment for Oppo Find X2/Find X2 Pro begins in India, Indonesia, and Thailand

September 08, 2020: [Updated: Delayed] Android 11-based ColorOS 8 beta available for Oppo Reno 3 and Reno 3 Pro

September 05, 2020: Android 11 closed beta recruitment begins for Oppo Reno4 Pro

August 25, 2020: Android 11 update beta recruitment begins for Oppo Ace2 and Google Pixel 4a

August 24, 2020: Oppo confirmed Android 11 (ColorOS 7.2) beta rollout for global units of Oppo Find X2

What is Android 11 Beta?

The above version is not stable enough and it is not recommended for non-developer users to use as a daily driver. If you have updated to Android 11 beta and running into bugs, we suggest you roll back to ColorOS 7.

For non-developer users who are interested in trying out Android 11, we suggest that you wait for the stable ColorOS version; or pay attention to the ColorOS Developing Alpha/ Beta programs in the near future, where there will be a dedicated team to get your feedback and solve your problems. Thank you for your understanding!

Why the Beta version?

Beta software is released mainly to help the developers test the software performance, compatibility, and stability while identifying problems such as bugs, lags, or crashes.

For users, a Beta software is a trial version of the official software that they can download to try out the new features and improvements of existing features that will be incorporated into the official release.

Is Beta software safe?

Yes, a Beta software that comes from the official developer or website is safe to download and install. However, it is advised to perform a backup of your phone before installing the software.

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