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OxygenOS or One UI or MIUI – Your favorite Android skin?

OxygenOS, One UI, and MIUI primarily come from the same Android family. All three skins offer some of the best features as well as functionalities that make them stand at the top in the software category. However, the question arises – which one of these is your favorite?

Before choosing your lovable skin, let’s get some details about these terms. To date, the stock Android is considered one of the best software in the market. After this name, various other phone makers overlaid their own skins on the Android to expand the list of features and customizations and deliver a comprehensive user experience.

To understand more, let’s make a tour of OxygenOS, One UI, and MIUI and see how they are distinct from each other and can score good grades in the Android software category.

OnePlus OxygenOS

OxygenOS 13.1 is the latest addition in the OxygenOS universe that is uprooted over Android 13. Meanwhile, the standard 13 version is the major upgrade in this section. Of course, the build offers some eye-catching features and improvements that are still missing from Samsung devices, such as Shelf, Large Folders, and more.

However, OnePlus fans still believe that OxygenOS 11 was the last true upgrade. It was quite close to the stock Android and offered a simple yet profound experience. But as of now, things are more on the side of ColorOS which often disappoints users.

On the other hand, OnePlus has been lacking in timely updates over the past years which again hampers the reputation of the brand. No doubt, we have interesting features such as Zen Space, and AOD tweaks, yet the company needs to work more on the stock feel and customization part.

OxygenOS One UI MIUI Android

Samsung One UI

One UI is surprisingly different from all Android skins. It brings several functionalities that catch everyone’s attention to it. Even Google frequently looks for such features to implement them in future releases. On the flip side, it adds many more changes and lets users have full control of their handsets.

The only problem is the big bundle of pre-installed apps, a bloat-free experience, and less of the stock feel. Perhaps, Samsung is still ruling the tech world in both hardware and software concepts.

Xiaomi MIUI

With the first MIUI version, things appeared identical to Apple’s iOS. Although in recent times, the tech giant tried to form its own dignity in the software section. The missing app drawer is back on Xiaomi devices with ultimate customization and efficient features.

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Additionally, MIUI brings a bunch of amazing elements that are not present in the stock Android. For instance, the software now supports machine learning to protect your data and maintain privacy in your handsets. It looks a bit similar to One UI now and provides unique features and designs.

Especially, Xiaomi’s own skin offers separate panels for notifications and Control Center. The only drawback is a lack of stability, an ad-free experience, and of course, a stock feel.

So among these Android skins, which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section and do vote in the poll given below.

OxygenOS or One UI or MIUI – Your favorite Android skin?

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