Some Android 14 devices could be used as a webcam for your laptop or desktop

Android 14 webcam

Google has released the Android 13 update for Android users, and now the company has started planning for the upcoming fourteenth generation of OS. The Android 14 could bring varieties new functionalities and one of them could be the Android devices’ direct webcam support for your laptop or desktop.

It seems like, Google is planning to make Android 14 devices to be easily used as a webcam for your laptop or desktop. This new functioning of the upcoming operating system will allow Android users to get a better video quality experience without needing to invest in a dedicated USB camera.

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Notably, this new service of using an Android 14 device as a webcam on your laptop or desktop is in the process and it is dubbed a “DeviceAsWebcam,”. Additionally, this service seems to be exactly what it says on the tin, allowing you to plug in an Android device and use it as a webcam.

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Furthermore, the new feature differs from Apple’s Continuity Camera, which is only available for iOS and Mac users. As there are no limitations appears on how you decide to use your Android phone as a webcam. Because Google is opting for the “USB Video Class” or “UVC” standard, which should work across numerous devices.

Moving on, there is no information available that which Android 14 phones will use this functionality and which will not. Similarly, unlike an app like Camo, this has to be a system app, which means if Google doesn’t create a generic Android-ready app, manufacturers will need to provide their own.

Android 14 webcam


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