Do you know why OnePlus roll out incremental updates?

Do you know why OnePlus roll out incremental updates? As we know for any smartphone brand software is one of the major past and the OnePlus too. And such software updates are an essential part of using any OnePlus or other devices. But what about the OnePlus incremental updates?


OnePlus Incremental Updates

Like any other smartphone brand, OnePlus follows its own roll-out plan. Similarly, before the OTA (over the air) update is rolled out to the OnePlus devices, the builds have already gone through countless rigorous tests.

And this testing is done in a controlled environment, so when an update is rolled out, it is possible that it introduces unexpected bugs in the presence of countless different usage scenarios with different configurations, carriers, and installed applications.

To prevent this type of bug from affecting a large number of users, these OxygenOS builds are usually rolled out to a small number of users first as incremental updates. Then, after confirming that there are no serious problems, release the build widely.

Going forward, in any new update you might have noticed that it comes with a new software thread every time. It means that a phase one release of the respective build has started. This communication may not happen as timely as you would like, as there are always many software issues to deal with.

Another question was about the reason for how the OnePlus smartphone ate added regions to the update thread. The brand has already mentioned the update for all regions, which may confuse users as different regions may have different rollout times.

To solve this issue, OnePlus now have a different approach, when an update is released in one or more regions, a software update thread is created to refer to those regions. As we went through this subject this incremental rollout is made for a better reason.

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