Huawei EMUI 13 launched with super device, gestures, widgets, resizable large folders and more

EMUI 13 Launched

Finally, after so many leaks and rumors, Huawei launched the EMUI 13 update for global users, further, the company demonstrated its neutrality. However, EMUI 13  aims to provide features that were missing from the previous iteration of EMUI.

Although, as compared to the previous version, the new Huawei EMUI 13 launched with typically relatable features, but with a new boost and enrichment for the users. After grabbing you might definitely come to see innovative changes and improvements.

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Super device:

Huawei Vision, Huawei MateBook, and Huawei MatePad Paper are just a few of the devices that can work together with Super Device. It has never been so simple to connect your devices as it is now with the drag to Connect function.

You can easily connect the Eyewear, FreeBuds, Watch 3 Pro, and more just by dragging and dropping the process. EMUI 13 Super devices make your collaboration easy with other Huawei devices.

EMUI 13 Launched


EMUI 13 offers some seamless interactions and handy service widgets to bridge the divide between devices

Take a swipe at it: Swipe up the app icon for Quick information at that time and get access to services Swifty

Stack to save: Flexibly sized widget combinations

EMUI 13 launcedh

Free up space by stacking widgets: Feel free to combine widgets, system buttons, and shortcuts to create the home screen of your dreams, or stack Service Widgets of the same size to free up additional space.

Resizable large folders: Different-sized large folders offer quick and easy access to your favorite applications.

Drage and Share:

Drag any text, image, or file to SuperHub, give it a long tap to select it, and then choose to paste it or share it with another app or connected device. It is remarkably simple to locate, reuse, and delete previously pasted and shared content.

Drag and share


With the addition of the Landscape Window mode to Multi-Screen Collaboration, you may now open phone apps on your laptop screen in spacious landscape windows. Utilize the larger display to its fullest by looking through your inbox or note list as you’re writing an email or note.

Additional Camera feature:

Get a side-by-side view on a single screen while shooting from any angle on any linked phone. To keep the other person on the edge of their seat during video conversations, you may even swap between the cameras on your various gadgets.

EMUI 13 launched

Privacy and Security:

Provides you with an easy dashboard that shows you how frequently your applications access your personal data and gives system-level security risk monitoring to help you avoid using high-risk app behavior.